$4 The Least of These

$4 The Least of These Monthly Giving Campaign

The most tangible and effective way that you can help the Beautiful Dream Society is to resolve to give something and by getting as many people as you can to pledge to our $4 The Least of These Campaign. Become an evangelist for the cause. We need an army of people just like you who are excited about giving up one luxury item a week such as a coffee, a movie rental, or a fast food meal, to make a $4 weekly (billed as $16 monthly) pledge to helping the victims of human trafficking.

You might think that $4 dollars a week is an insignificant amount to help such a large problem. If only 150 people committed to giving $4 per week, then in one year we will have raised almost $30,000 to meet the needs of victims and help them find justice and restoration.

Please pledge, and urge all of your friends to make a $4 weekly (billed as $16 monthly) pledge to help the victims of human trafficking.

$4 The Least of These

Your giving goes towards these areas: Human Trafficking in Oklahoma, Human Trafficking in Lesotho, Education, Orphan Care, and Economic Development.
  • Price: $16.00
    $4 per week, billed as $16 monthly. By hitting submit, you are agreeing to a 12 month agreement. This is important so that we can continue to budget and best steward the resources entrusted to us.
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