Seed Fund Projects


Begin by investing a doable amount of money into a personal fundraising project tailored to your favorite activities. Then reinvest those funds into continuing the fundraising project over a period of time. You’ll see your seed fund begin to multiply! At the end of your project, donate those funds to Beautiful Dream Society! 

Kick it up a notch: Create a fundraising team! Have your friends do the same project and see how your efforts multiply even more!


Kate decided on $10 as her seed fund investment. She used the $10 to purchase ingredients to bake cookies. She took the cookies she baked to work and sold them by the half dozen. She reinvested the proceeds into more ingredients for cookies. She followed this pattern several times. In three months, she turned $10 into $400!


High school student Cassie invested her seed fund to make jewelry on the weekend, which she then sold. She reinvested in making more and more jewelry to sell. Over the course of a few months, she multiplied her seed money 28 times!


Jim used his $20 seed money to buy soft pretzels every day before work. He sold them to his coworkers at a profit, enabling him to continue buying pretzels and also building up money to donate. After a few months, his original $20 grew to $500!

What do YOU like to do?

Here are some Seed Fund Project ideas for inspiration:
• Sell donuts and/or at work a few times a week over a few months.
• Buy seeds, then grow and sell bedding plants.
• Hold a car wash or a series of car washes
• Create and sell unique, handmade cards
• Knit/crochet and sell simple scarves
• Hold a dodgeball tournament with entry fee
• Hold a tennis tournament with entry fee
• Host a garage sale; ask friends to donate items; sell refreshments
• Offer calligraphy services for wedding, anniversary, graduation invitations
• Mow lawns, trim bushes, manage sprinklers, water flowers, rake leaves
• Perform oil changes for friends, family members, neighbors
• Babysit
• Cook a meal for 12 and host dinner party in your home (maybe partner with a friend or two); ask guests to bring donations
• Offer basic household repair or maintenance services: fix a door, change lightbulbs, clean, change vacuum filters, etc.
• Offer “taxi” service for friends, family, coworkers going to a big game or event, including drop off and pick up at the door
• Tutor
• Organize friends to serve at an acquaintance’s wedding; offer services for cleaning up after the wedding
• Find outdated furniture, spruce it up by painting or refinishing, then resell it
• Offer to decorate people’s homes for parties, Christmas, etc.
• Make and sell a quilt
• Sew clothing alterations, repair buttons, mend seams
• Collect cans and bottles for coin redemption (available in CA, CT, DE, HI, IA, ME, MA, MI, NY, OR, VT)
• Color hair, braid hair, do basic haircuts and trimming, create updos for special events
• Make and sell chocolate cherries, turtles, pecan clusters, etc.
• Make and sell baked goods: cookies, brownies, cupcakes, rice krispy bars, quick breads, etc.