4 Weeks $4 The Least Of These Partnership Challenge

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Monthly partnerships are the crucial to maintain and expand our protection programs for victims of human trafficking and prevention efforts in Oklahoma and Lesotho. When you participate in our $4 The Least of These Partnership Challenge, YOU join our team as we REWRITE the future of human trafficking together.

Become a Monthly Partner!

$16/month: Our classic $4 The Least of These Partnership – giving $4/week is only one or two coffees a week! Click here: $4 The Least Of These Partnership or text “BDS” to 41444.

$25/month: Consider giving just $9 more a month! A small addition will make a huge difference in our ability to offer protection to victims of human trafficking. Click here: Monthly Partnership or text “BDS” to 41444.

$50 or more/month: If you become a new $50 or more monthly partner, or if you’re a current partner and you increase your partnership to $50 or more a month, we’ll send you a Beautiful Dream Society “Humans Are Not For Sale” tote bag. Click here: Monthly Partnership or text “BDS” to 41444.

Become a Beautiful Dream Mobilizer!

You are dedicated to partnering with Beautiful Dream Society’s team as we work together to REWRITE the future human trafficking. Now take the next step as a Beautiful Dream Mobilizer! Mobilize at least 3 people become new monthly partners for $16 or more/month and we’ll send you a Beautiful Dream Society “Humans Are Not For Sale” tote bag. (Make sure your friends put your name in the note section of the form!) 

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Where does the money go?

Operation of safe shelter and program for victims of human sex trafficking:

  • House expenses: monthly rent, utilities, maintenance, and upkeep
  • Medical and dental care
  • Transportation to and from appointments
  • Groceries
  • Clothing and personal care items
  • Art supplies for our art therapy program and creative projects
  • Facilitation of job skills training and employment research
  • Legal assistance
  • Opportunities to gain professional/vocational certifications
  • Opportunities to obtain GED/ college tuition assistance/ support programs
  • Clothing, toys, and diapers for dependent children

Operation of childcare and education program for orphaned children in Lesotho:

  • House expenses: rent, utilities, maintenance and upkeep
  • Medical and dental care
  • Groceries
  • Clothing, shoes, and personal items for children
  • Retrieval of identification and official documents
  • Teacher’s salary
  • Books and school supplies
  • Toys for children