Angel Tree

Brighten the holiday for those who have faced unspeakable darkness: a movie night for a victim of human trafficking; a new pair of shoes for an orphaned child; a monthly partnership to provide their daily needs and a future of hope.


How to Participate:

1. Click on an Angel Gift below. 

2. This will take you directly to our donate page (if it doesn’t redirect you, click here). Please type which angel you choose in Notes section (for example, “Rose Angel”).

3. You may also mail a check to Beautiful Dream Society, PO Box 32554, Oklahoma City, OK, 73123. Please write which angel you choose in the Memo (for example, “Rose Angel”).

4. Please submit your gift by Monday, December 22, 2014.

Beautiful Dream Society staff will use the donations to purchase Virtual Angel Tree gifts in Oklahoma or Lesotho. If you have any questions, please email or call (918) 641-4091.

Thank you for your generosity! You will truly make their Christmas bright!

INDIGO 1                EMERALD

VIOLET                CRANBERRY

SKY             TURQUOISE

ROSE               PLUM

IVY                CRIMSON

GOLD               SILVER


*To find an up-to-date rate converter in South African Rands, please click here.